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10/15-11/24 2020

Opening Reception: 10/15/20 6-9pm

Cleo the Gallery is pleased to present Interpersonal Geometrics with work by artists Esther Ruiz and Devin Rutz. This exhibition is an exploration across the personal memory landscapes of both included artists. While vibrant abstracted geometric forms are presented for the audience’s conclusions, each work points to specific memoried experiences for Ruiz and Rutz. Their interpretations of such take forms deep rooted in color psychology and decisive architecture.

In Ruiz’s sculpture work there lies the remnants of a cryptic landscape. The pieces are tools to light said interpretation, tools to ground the experience in a new reality in it’s retelling. There is warmth to be felt from the glow of the neon and reflective materials to place yourself in the haze of that glow. This welcomes us in, to bask in the discovery of pieces to the puzzle of enigmatic landscapes drawn from our own lives.  

Devin Rutz’s paintings utilize grids and patterns to define organized chaos. It is a way to pronounce the brevity of moment or a collection of such specific experiences piled together with the immediacy of color brought to mind when recollecting. We are both soothed by the reconstructions of memory with their formula of vivid color and stark pattern but also aware of the anxiety assembled within these formulas. 

Esther Ruiz (b. Houston) received a bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture from Rhodes College and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. / @esther___ruiz

A California native, Devin Rutz received his BFA and Masters degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design. He now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. / @devinrutz

Photos by Jacob Edenfield

List of Works


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