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Join us this Saturday 2/10/24 11am-5pm at Cleo for our

Valentine's Day themed market and membership raffle!

In order to be entered to win one of our four prizes you must be a member of Cleo. All existing members will be added to the drawing. Names will be entered into the drawing based on your tier: once for all Lilac members, twice for all Tangerine members and three times for all Indigo members.

Prizes include:

-A potted plant from Stump Savannah

-A vintage panther lamp from Re-Enlighten 

-A special edition Cleo t-shirt featuring the work of Devin Rutz

-A Cleo tote + stack of postcards from previous exhibitions

Join today or renew your membership for a chance to win!

Drawing will take place at the end of our market on Saturday and broadcasted on our Instagram stories.


Good Luck and thanks again for all the support!

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